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Florent, 31 years old


In 2018, Florent took a short break during his career transition to get involved in community and social work for the first time. He began by giving French lessons to a wide range of migrants and refugees at BAAM Barbès.

In the middle of a french lesson, during a sunny picnic or a musical “apéro”, he met Julien, Chloé, Yusuf, Janat, Hassan and a few other young players from ESF Paris.

For him, ever since he was a child, football has been a joyful excuse to have fun, forge links for an hour or a lifetime, play sport or remake the world in front of the screen. Therefore, he quickly seized the opportunity of becoming a part of this young collective.

Over time, he discovered that community life, like everything else, is a give-and-take. When he gives his time and good humor, Florent receives smiles, creates memories, shares victories and bruises that life gives us, often on the shins.

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