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By welcoming female players as well as men, we strive to be more inclusive in our association approach. We share values of equality, diversity and freedom whether it be on the soccer field or outside. We hope that this soccer team represents a solid base and contact point that women can rely on, as well as gain confidence and independence from. Women playing in a soccer team allows them to be active both on the field and in their lives.


We direct all of our efforts to provide an amusing and fun environment for female players which is able to relieve them from their ordinary tasks, by building a daycare for children next to the soccer fields.

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The trainings

Every Tuesday, at 5:30pm

Parc des Sports de Bobigny

102 Avenue Division Leclerc, 93 000 Bobigny

Tram 1, stop Hôpital Avicenne

Métro 7, stop Fort d'Aubervilliers

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